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15408 Weldin Drive
Dale City, VA, 22193
United States

Welcome to Baret Bats! We are a bat company founded in 2013 by Juan C. Baret, a former Staff Sergeant in the US Air Force. Our mission is to provide custom handcrafted baseball bats and products of the highest quality with: exceptional customer service, innovation and integrity. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond for our customers by providing an individualized bat-making  experience!  

Baret Bats is located 20 miles south of Washington DC in the community of Lake Ridge, in Virginia's Prince William County.

Bat Care

Bat Care Tips

Do maintenance on your bat. Clean it and keep it in a bag, not in the sun, or heat of the car trunk, and not in the garage in the winter and away from any wet grass or moisture.  Wood bats expand and contract, dry out, or add weight and are affected by Mother Nature. 

Concentrate on hitting the ball right on the sweet spot. Wood bats can break any time the ball is struck away from the sweet spot. This practice will help you become a better hitter, and increase the chances of your bat lasting longer.

Place the BARET label to either face you or away from you in the opposite side. So when you swing the ball will be struck with the hardest surface of the bat (side with no label). 

 To avoid damaging your bat never throw your bat and only hit regulation baseballs.

If you have any questions or would like additional tips don’t hesitate to contact us .  Thanks